Product Details
Callglide Telephony for Salesforce

Web RTC First – easy admin, save desk space work anywhere.

Speech Recognition – callers don’t need to use their keypad.

Biometric Voice Authentication – improve security and reduce caller verification costs!

CallGlide is a Cloud Contact Centre for Salesforce. It provides a comprehensive Interactive Voice Response, (IVR) / Auto Attendant system and is highly integrated with Salesforce. As soon as an inbound call arrives Salesforce data is inspected to identify the caller and gather information useful for routing and queue prioritisation. The data from Salesforce is used to construct a personalised and efficient user journey to the correct destination, whether that be a self service interaction with Salesforce or connection to the most appropriate agent via a queue. Callers can optionally enrol for Voice Authentication. Once authenticated they can perform Self Service operations like reading account balances or changing. When an authenticated user is passed to an agent the caller no longer needs to be asked personal verification questions. This saves significant time and money.

Call Routing
  • Route to Agent Groups – Simply create groups and add each agent to 0, 1 or more.
  • From Multiple Inbound Numbers – all of your overseas offices route to your org.
  • Salesforce Omnichannel Integration