Instant Demo


Enter your details to hear Callglide in action now.

This demo shows Callglide using and updating CRM data to provide a good customer service experience.

Details you enter in the demo registration form will be used to add you as an existing customer to an imaginary financial services company. Your details will be saved into the demo company Salesforce Org as a new Contact/Account and you will be allocated an Account Number.

After registering, please call one of the demo company office numbers listed below using the phone with the number you entered on registration. You will be recognised and greeted by name and hear an interactive voice response, (IVR) menu in the language of the regional office and with a local accent. You can select either:-

  1. “open a new account”
  2. “manage an existing account”

If you select the manage option you will be able to fully verify yourself to the system using your allocated Account Number and the PIN you entered on registration. If you do this you will be able to hear your account balance and select an imaginary loyalty gift. If you do select an imaginary loyalty gift, we will send you an email confirmation of your selection from Salesforce to complete the demo. This illustrates Callglide directly updating Salesforce records.

Menus will be presented using local language and accents. For English speaking offices the menus demonstrate Speech Recognition with automatic fallback to keypad use for unrecognised speech.

Demo office numbers:-

  • London +441895714005
  • New York +16465685446
  • Paris +33970736893
  • Madrid +34911232841